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Every customer knows what is meant by a credit card, how can one shop using it and what are the greatest advantages associated with it. These cards have long been a daily part of the human life. These credit cards carry on to evolve owing to the technical advancement which look out to meet the always changing demands of the modern client. In these days, the details of the credit cards are being memorized in most of the numerous shopping webpages and the apps for easy payment modules. In this way there has been inevitable vulnerability in the security as well as the breaches of data. For this particular reason, there lies a greater interest in the ways in which transaction can be more secure in the wake of the past events as well as the breaches in the data.

Since their time of inception in the year 2009, the virtual cards of payment have been an increasingly advanced wat for the individuals for spending more safely as well as on a private basis online.  The virtual credit card does not facilitate the individual customer but is also does benefit the firms. In such a case the firm owners proffer their workers with a convenient and fast access to the expenses of the corporate form without the issuance of the physical or the personal cards. For this reason, a virtual form of the credit card is the ideal way for monitoring the transactions as well as enabling the payments at the low level. 

When there is the question of protection of the personal info, it can always be not too safe. In the last year, there have been reports of nearly 13 million individuals being affected by the identity theft and losing millions of dollars to the fraudulent actions. If or not anyone was one of the victims, he/she must be seeking out of ways to enhance the online security. This is where the virtual credit cards can be beneficial. The fraudulent persons have found a large number of the creative methods to create damage to the financial terms and a few of these methods can be thwarted when using a virtual credit card. Such a card can aid in keeping the personal data of a client safe by hiding the sensitive details of the account from the online eyes that are prying. You can think of this as an added barrier in the middle of the clients’ cyber identity thefts and the credit card numeral.

What Types Of Payment Cards Exist Today?

Based on the money as well as the account holder, there lie 3 main reasons of the payment for the credit cards, every one of it has its own peculiar characteristics.

The Credit Card

The credit card is the payment tool that is used for buying the services and other goods. Unlike the debit card, the level of the purchase for a credit card is not withdrawn from the bank account of the cardholder, but for the limit that is granted by the credit institution of the bank. A few of the cases, the credit cards are encoded so as to limit which is surpassed. Credit cards are significant for generating and constructing a credit antiquity that marks loan rapports, such as customer loans, secured loan and car tenancies.

The Debit Card

This is another tool of payment which is used to purchase the services and the goods, both offline and online. In addition to this, the debit cards can be utilized to receive the payments like the payroll. For the purchases, not like the credit card, the buying amount cannot be deducted from limit which is granted by company’s credit card or bank account. Nonetheless, directly from bank account or the other prepaid accounts of the cardholder. Such a debit card might be issued in numerous copies on the request of the cardholder.

The Prepaid Card

This card is linked with the account of issuing institute so that the client does not need to be the customer of the specific bank or open an account with the bank. On a factual basis, such a card has to be issued to the 3rd party in the contradiction of the credit or the debit cards. It is a typical form of a gift card.  Based on the kind of the card holder i.e. non-physical or physical, there are both the virtual cards and the plastic cards.

The regular physical plastic card can be made use of both in the offline and the online stores. The virtual credit cards however, have no physical carrier and hence these can’t be utilized in the regular shops. This card is just a data set that has a card numeral, an expiry date, the security code as well as the pin code which can be predominantly applied only to the online payments. 

By What Means Does The Virtual Credit Card Grind?

The temporary number of the card which is widely known as the virtual credit or the debit card numeral, is generated via the webpage or the application number of the mobile. The virtual credit cards which can be utilized for most of the online purchase and are not usually linked with the physical cards. By making use of the virtual cards, the consumer can lower the level of the so known as the personal identification information which the client shares with the stores he/she buys from.  In general, the client can set a mx charge or an expenditure limit on virtual credit cards. This can help prevent the issue of overcharge, but can also lock the dealer and restrict using the card anywhere else in case the dealer is breached.  Another cool characteristic is that the client cannot just easily issue the card but can also suspend the card anytime with only a few simple clicks. In addition to this, all the transactions that are done using a virtual card is that these are visible online on the account statement of the primary credit cards.

Is The Virtual Credit Card More Safe And Sound As Compared To The Physical Ones?

It is a matter of fact that a virtual form of the credit card is just a simple kind of the credit number. The issuance of the virtual credit card proffers the unique software which is installed with the personal computer of the user. Therefore, an intermediate card numeral is issued and generated which is linked with the permanent card. Once it has been created, the number allocated might be issued by the consumer for online shopping. Another important fact that is a part of the security which is associated with the virtual credit cards and their number is that it cannot be marked out while waiting for the cardholder’s characteristics or definite credit card is recognized. This extent also stops theft of individual statistics and its conceivable misuse.

Here are a few of the most prominent characteristics of the virtual credit cards that are linked with the aspects of security:

  1. The clients have a minimal and a maximal limit of credit per transaction each day.
  2. The credit cards that are virtual remain valid just for a limited duration of time which is identified by the issuer of the card itself.
  3. The customers can often send the cash making use of a credit card and its number which is a virtual credit card.
  4. The balance of the credit card can be used in both ways i.e. whole and in part. However, once a payment is completed, the credit card number is rendered inactive and hence it becomes useless for the probable theft.
  5. The virtual card holder can block his/her card at any time online rapidly.
  6. The remainder balance present on the virtual credit card is deemed to be credited back to the card holders actual account.
  7. The virtual cards are easy for the ones who possess the virtual card so as to control the parameters of the payment. They just need to set a peculiar restriction when making use of the unique number of the credit number.
  8. The credit cards which are virtual in nature are subjective to the payment card as per industry data security standard.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Virtual Credit Cards

The virtual credit cards make available a lot of recompenses to customers, but these are not perfect. Considering the advantages and the disadvantages of these can help the client control if they’re accurate for him/her.


Extra Security

These virtual cards provide extra security by shielding the actual number of the credit card when shopping online, thereby proffering security against the identity theft.

Easier To Fight Fraud

Canceling his/her account or the card number is not essential for anyone who manages to get hold of someone’s credit card numerals so as to make any illegal claims. The person won’t have to face the issue of making an update to his/her payment data using the dealers present on the card or the file.


The virtual credit card is of flexible nature and might permit the client to set a particular expenditure limit and the expiry date. These can also be set up at a minutes notice for an intermediary use. 


Refunds Can Be Tricky

Every shop is not the same, and a few might just issue money back by means of the unique payment technique. This could contemporary a delinquent if a person used a virtual credit card number which is not active anymore. He/she may as an alternative get store credit or a gift card.


An increased number of individuals are practicing the discovery of the advantages of the virtual credit cards. These are convenient specifically for the reason that the high security of online transactions which they provide. As a matter of fact, it is safe to go shopping online using a virtual credit card as compared to making use of the real one. The credit card which is physical, where the number is rendered active as well as it is endangered of being stolen if the card holder is an inattentive purchaser, the virtual card holder cannot track as well as assign his/her individual data. As a matter of fact, it is virtually impossible to obtain the multiple copies of the virtual credit cards. These cards are a valuable asset which not just make the process of making a payment simple, nonetheless they also built up innovative efficacies for the corporates. On the top of it all, these types of the virtual credit cards, play a role to cut-off a large number of the fraud and the security issues. These cards protect the privacy pf the data as well as its security with no compromise of the ease of utility and consumer convenience.