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Air Miles Credit Cards is a loyalty program founded in 1992 that gives cardholders “miles” for purchases they make at participating places. The miles you earn can be used for a number of exceptional things, from flights and hotels, to products and gift cards. Plus, AIR MILES may even be redeemed like coins at participating stores.

There are 2 principal categories for incomes and redeeming your AIR MILES – Cash Rewards and Dream Rewards. You can collect all Cash, all Dream, or a percentage blend of both while you earn miles but they may be not interchangeable. Once you have got a Cash mile it can handiest be used for that. Same is going for Dream miles.

With Air Miles, you earn points on every occasion you display your Air Miles membership card while making a purchase at one of the many collaborating traders in Canada. Once you earn enough Air Miles, you can redeem them for flights and vacations, movie tickets, or other free items.

Here are the pinnacle Credit Cards for Air Miles:

American Express Air Miles Platinum card. You’ll arise to three,500 Miles only for meeting a spending aim of $1,500 for your first three months. And an extra mile for making month-to-month spending dreams of $300 in your first 6 months. Although the cardboard has a $one hundred twenty annual fee. It would cost you way extra than that to earn three,500 Air Miles on another card

BMO Air Miles No Fee Mastercard has $zero annual charge. You basically earn Air Miles for free each time you save. Plus the cardboard’s welcome bonus of 800. Air Miles comes through as quickly as you’re making any buy—there’s no minimum spend. You’d in any other case need to spend $10,000 to earn that many Miles.

BMO’s Air Miles World

BMO’s Air Miles World Elite Mastercard has a flat earn charge of one Air Mile per $10 spent anywhere, up to a most month-to-month spend of $7,000. You additionally get a welcome bonus of 3000 Air Miles. BMO even waives the annual charge of $a hundred and twenty within the first year, so that you can get over 5,000 Air Miles on your first three months of card ownership with out paying any fees at all. Travel coverage and airport living room access are also included within the Mastercard.

Shell AIR MILES® World MasterCard® from BMO is used more frequently than some other to your wallet. Earn 1.25 instances the Miles while you shop at Shell places and 1 Air Mile per $15 spent anywhere else. You’ll get vehicle rental damage waiver coverage and massive travel coverage too with this hard-working, everyday credit card.

BMO Sobeys Air Miles Mastercard is a superb choice. You’ll earn 2 Air Miles for every $20 spent at Sobeys, Foodland, or IGA grocery stores in locations throughout Canada, plus 1 Air Mile per $20 spent everywhere else. There’s $0 annual rate, so your Air Miles are effectively unfastened. What’s more, you can revel in a welcome bonus of 800 Air Miles when you make your first buy on the cardboard.

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