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Can I Pay My Capital Credit Card Bill- Paying off the credit card bills of your account is essential. It has become a monthly routine to pay credit card bills now. To avoid the burden of credit card bills, one has to pay them on time and be safe from unnecessary Interests and extra charges. If you don’t trust online payments or have an error in your system, you can pay your capital one credit card bills in person. Here is how it is possible:

Capital One Bank Branch:

The easiest and most straightforward way to pay a credit card bill in person is to pay in the bank branch of Capital One. Visit a Capital One bank branch near your location and pay your credit card bills on the counter or whichever banker they have assigned this task to. Paying credit card bills in person is a physical task and requires energy, but it can still save you from online scams. If you do not believe in online payments, physically visiting a bank branch is the best option. There are over more than a thousand capital bank branches in America.

You can easily find a capital One bank in your locality. Make sure to visit the Bank to pay your bill in person on weekdays and not on weekends. You can pay credit card bills online, even on weekends, but for producing it in person, you need to visit the Bank from days between Monday and Friday after Nine in the morning when the Bank opens.

To pay the credit card bill at a capital one bank

To pay the credit card bill at a capital one bank, you need to bring the credit card for which you are supposed to pay the bill, the amount of cash you have to give, and the photo ID of yours. Give the money to the banker or the teller in charge. In return, he will ask you for the credit card number and your photo ID. They will give you a blank form to fill. You have to add all the details correctly on the state and hand it over to the teller.

Teller will check your account details and enter the details in the account on their computer. They will deposit the amount on the computer, send the money to the bank room, and take your signature to hand over a final slip. Whenever the whole process is completed, you will receive a notification on your credit card account and your mobile as well, and the issuing bank will clear the dues. Also, remember that you cannot pay directly from the ATM present in the Bank. However, you can deposit the cash in the ATM of the Bank and then complete the procedure.

Western Union:

The Western Union is another trustable medium of sending money to the capital one bank to pay off your credit card bills. Western Union is famous worldwide for transferring money from one point to another in just a few simple steps. It is suitable for those who require an emergency to send money. Sometimes one forgets to pay off the credit card bills on time, or they might not be able to visit any capital one branch near them, or an error might occur in their online payment system. In such a case, they can see a Western Union outlet near them to pay off the credit card bills of Capital One.

Western Union has gone popular worldwide. Their branches are located in almost every country; if you are in some country other than the states, you can still pay off your Capital One credit card bills. With time Western Union charges per transaction have increased. Now on every  $50 transaction, $4.5 is charged, and for every $100, $9 is set by Western Union. So more significant the amount of money, the higher are the charges imposed by the Western Union. However, Western Union is a safe trustable method to send money to the Bank in case of emergency.

Western Union has over 50,000 branches in the United States of America.

Western Union has over 50,000 branches in the United States of America. They have several separate components and are available at Wal-Mart as well and some other small stores. Visit your nearest Western Union outlet and ask them to guide you to the counter or agent who will process the payment. The agent will ask for the Capital One credit card number; they will ask for the specific cash and some other bank details if required. But remember, when you pay through Western Union, it will take three days to process the payment and post it to your account. So be mindful of the due dates of your credit card capital one credit card bills. Along with this, you can use a cash or debit card to pay your Capital One credit card bills.

Although Capital One doesn’t allow them to pay their bills through a different credit card in Western Union, it is possible to produce some other credit card. But it will cost you some extra charges by the issuing Bank as well as the Western Union. In conclusion, Western Union is a safe option to pay Capital One credit card bills in person.

7 Eleven:

Seven eleven is the biggest company to own more than 6000 convenience stores. It is a convenience store, so it is open even on weekends hence operating 24 by 7. Well, the convenience store chain has collaborated with an application service called Pay near me. Both seven eleven and Pay near me can be used to pay off the capital One Credit card bill.  Pay near me has made life easier for those who do not have a debit or credit card or any other bank account to pay for the capital One Credit card bill. Pay near me purpose of associating with seven-eleven was to make the payment of credit card bills at any day and at any time because convenience stores are open all the time.

The seven-eleven stores will complete the procedure

Now it is possible to pay capital One Credit card bills by using an app pay near me and using an eleven outlet. The procedure of producing with an income near me app is straightforward. You have to link your credit card with the option in the application. Enter the details, and a receipt of the mentioned amount and barcode is provided. You can print out the slip and go to your near 7 Eleven stores. Give the ticket on the counter, and the staff there will scan the barcode on the receipt, and you have to give the cash.

After a few arrangements, the procedure is completed. $1.99 is included in the receipt as an extra charge on every bill. Even if you don’t take a printout, you still can use the QR scan app, or the 7- eleven store service can scan the bar code even on your mobile. The seven-eleven stores will complete the procedure, and it will take almost three days to post the payment, and then your capital one credit card bills are paid off.

Money Service:

You can pay off your Capital One credit card bills in person through different money services available in America. The most popular money services in the United States of America are in the stores that Kroger owns. Fred Meyer store, Fry’s, Dillon’s, Ralph’s, bakers, Smith’s City market are the few on the list. The great advantage of such money services is that one can go shopping in these stores and then can pay the credit card bill at the same time.  It is convenient for those people who don’t want to visit the store again and again. They can pay the credit card bills whenever they go grocery shopping, mostly once a month.

The process of paying through a money service is also easy and straightforward. Visit any store owned by Kroger in your locality but remember to bring your credit card bill, your credit card, and the amount of cash you have to give. The store associates will further deal with the procedure and process it. The extra charges which the Kroger-owned store depend on the locality and vary from store to store. Find the best store around you which will charge less and pay off your credit card bill with cash in person. The payment process takes three days, but it can be posted on the same day, depending on the type of store. Money service is also a trustable and quick method to pay your capital one credit card bills in person.

Money Gram:

The Money Gram is one of the safest options to pay off capital one credit card bills in person in cash. It is one of the largest networks of money transferring, bill payments, sending money orders, and dealing with pre-paid payment services for those who do not have any bank account. Money Gram offers a person method of payment. You can use cash to pay bills and use credit, debit cards, and other bank accounts l. Money Gram also deals in international funds. It has over 350,000 standalone in over 200 countries. So even if you are in some other country and have to pay your capital one credit card bills, you can visit any outlet of money gram in central counties and pay off the bill.

Money Gram has to stand alone and is located in Walgreens, Wal-Mart’s, and rite-aid. Wal-Mart and Pharmacy have the most money gram services. The process is straightforward. You have to take your credit card number and the cash you have to give. Hand it over to the cashier, and he will process it. Money Gram services will inform you via phone when your payment is processed and it is posted. The charges depend on the type of store and the location. These charges may vary from $0.99-$9.99.Money gram is the fastest way to pay off the Capital One credit card bills.


Alternatives To Pay Off Capital One Credit Card Bills:


ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is an alternative method to pay off capital one credit card bill. Capital one has over 40,000 ATMs machine in the whole nation. Although you cannot pay directly from an ATM, the procedure you can follow is to deposit cash in the ATM into your checking account and then click on the screen to send the money to pay off the capital one credit card bill.

Capital one has a massive system of ATMs, but they are also affiliated with All point ATMs. All point ATMs means that even if it does not belong to capital one, you can still use it to deposit cash and pay for credit card bills. Using ATMs if you cannot go to the bank branch is a very convenient option. Capital one ATMs will not charge any fee for using the machine, but all point ATMs might charge you some fee for using their device.

Money Order:

Sending a money order to Capital one is possible, and it is even allowed by the Bank. Sending a money order is convenient if you do not have any other bank accounts or are far away from the bank branch. Buy a money order is a specific amount from any money transferring store, for example, western union or money service. On the counter, give the particular amount of cash, and the cashier will print out a form with the mentioned amount. Send that slip with other bank details or the credit card details to the Bank via mailing or courier services. The Bank will do the further procedure, and they will inform you once they have received the payment and your payments are posted to your credit card account.

Mobile App And Online Portal:

Capital one has its mobile apps and online portals to ease the pathway of paying your credit card bills without visiting any bank or buying any money order. Just install the application, make your account and link your credit card with the app. Link your bank account with the app and follow the steps instructed on the app. Follow those easy steps, and your money transfer is done in a few minutes without any hustle of going to the bank branch and waiting in the queue. Although the processing takes time and will take almost three days, it is still one of the easiest methods to send money to the Bank and pay off your credit card bill within a limited time.


You can pay your credit card bills via a check as well. Capital one also accepts your check to pay off credit card bills. While filling the statement, do remember to fill in exact details. When you pay a check, then the amount is deducted from your bank account.

What Does Bank Not Accept?

Capital One Bank provides all the services to ease you, but they don’t allow sending money through the mail. Do not ever send any money in the mail because it can get lost anywhere; maybe the courier or the cashier assigned might make a mistake. So to be on the safe side, the capital one bank doesn’t allow the procedure of paying credit card bills via sending cash in the mail.


Paying off capital one credit card bills in person is possible in different ways. You can visit any bank branch or Capital one. They have more than 1000 branches present in the United States of America. Visit the nearest one and follow the procedure. You can also pay through Western Union, money gram, and money service. Their stores are primarily available in Wal-Mart and pharmacies also in Walgreens. Now a convenience store chain 7- Eleven has also collaborated with the Pay near me app.

It will allow you to print out a slip from the Pay near me app, and the 7-eleven stores will scan the barcode, and you have to give the cash then. These charges are also affordable. Besides this, you can use other alternative methods, for example, Deposit cash at an ATM, send a money order, use an online system and pay in the form of a check.

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