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Have you ever come across a situation where you have to pay the credit card bill of someone else? For example, someone from your family is busy, traveling, or is unable to pay his bill, and has the due date for their bill. Therefore they have asked you to pay their bill, but how will you do it? There are several ways you can do it. One of the easiest ways is to pay it online so you or the other person don’t need to be driving to a bank or institute to pay the bill.

Through Website

One of the options to pay the credit card bill of someone else is through login into a website. There are several ways you can accomplish the financial task. Not only through the website but you can also pay it through logging in to the app.

Things you need

There are several details that you need to know for paying the credit card bill of someone else online. Most of these details are mentioned below along with the procedure as well. So a couple of things you should know to include the credit card number of the person, his credit card CVV number, the date his card is going to be expired, the name on the credit card, a registered phone number that has access, and a credit card password.

There is one thing that one needs to remember. All the above-mentioned information can also be used for fraud purposes or any other activity like this. Therefore be very careful while sharing this information with the person. Make sure that he is the one you can rely on.


To pay the credit card bill online, you can visit the official website of the company that issued the credit card. To log in and have access to the user account, you can use the credit card number and password of the credit card. You will see an option of bill clearance on the profile of the user. There you can select the preferred mode of payment to pay the bill. There are several methods of online payment provided by the credit card issuer of the company. You can use the UPI method because net banking may feel more complicated to you as it requires synchronizing the financial account. For the UPI account, you need to have access to the registered account so that an OTP can be sent to complete the transaction further.

Once you have completed the transaction an email will be sent to the email ID that is registered. Some companies have official apps that can also be used for paying credit card bills. Any user that has the app and required information can pay the credit card bills because they only need access to the app. Also, a user himself can pay the bill because he has the option to log in to an account on multiple devices.

The person for whom you are paying the bill

Another option to pay the credit card bill of someone is through check. You can write a check and send it to the correct mailing address to pay the bill for the credit card. There are also several things that you need to keep in mind before using this method to pay the credit card bill. Make sure that you have written correctly the name of the person for whom you are paying the bill. Moreover, it is also important to write the account number or credit card number correctly on the “memo” section of the check. Because in another case, the company that has issued the card will not be able to know that for which account you are paying the bill.

Pay through a Check

For making things even easier, you can send the credit card payment coupon along with the check. The credit card payment coupon comes with every monthly statement. If you are not able to get the original coupon for payment because the person is not somewhere nearby, you can ask the cardholder to send you a coupon via email. He can either send the coupon document to you or he can send an image of the document. Also, be sure to again check the mailing address for payment so that you don’t have to face any difficulty.

Some credit cards come with credit card checks. So in case you don’t have any access to the electronic system or any other source, you can use these checks. What you need to do is that you can simply write a credit card check to the cardholder to pay the balance for this credit card. Credit card checks are often used for this purpose when convention payments are not possible to pay the credit card bills.

So, therefore, you can write a check to the credit card holder and that person can simply deposit that check-in bank to pay his bill. But what if the credit card does not come with credit card checks? Well, in this case, you can ask the credit card issuer company if they have any plan of providing credit card checks. You can also ask the credit card issuer to provide you with a check that you can use for paying the credit card bill.

Paying through Phone

Another way of paying the credit card bill of someone online is by paying the bill through your phone. You can ask that person to send you the number that is written on the backside of the credit card. You can call on that number to customer service and simply pay the bill. For this purpose, you will need to provide the routing number of your bank account along with the bank account number so that the payment can be made. But you need to know that this type of payment option is not provided by every card issuer company. So you may not be able to have this option. Also, for paying through this method, the card issuer may have to give authorization of another person who is not on the credit card account information so that he can make the payment for a credit card.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 last year, many people have lost their jobs and therefore most of the people are facing financial difficulties. Increasing credit card balance can be a reason for anxiety because there is no source of income and ultimately they have to use their credit cards to buy necessary things. But at the same time, the bill that comes at the end of the month is also scary for them. In this case, you may want to help them if you have enough resources because this is what we all are supposed to do in this situation that is taking care of the persons around us. Paying their credit card bill can prove a great help for them because they may not be able to pay it.

Paying a credit card bill can prove a temporary

In April, a poll on showed that around 23% of people have used their credit cards more than usual which has increased their credit card debt. It all occurred during a pandemic when most of the people lost their jobs and most of them were also stressed about paying their debts. So if you are in a financially stable position, you may want to offer a helping hand to them so that their struggle can be reduced. Paying a credit card bill can prove a temporary but a great help for people that are struggling with their payments. They will be relieved from the stress and also they will have the opportunity to make more purchases online and in this way, they will get some more time to make some financial arrangements.

Find this method mentioned in the credit card statement.

If you are using online banking, all you need to do is to set the company that has issued a credit card as the payee. Next, you can select the type or method of payment that you want to choose. For example, you can either choose direct debt in which a regular monthly payment will be transferred to the company or you can use the one–time payment if you want to pay the bill for one month only.

You need to have the account number of the card and sort the code for setting up the card issuer as the payee. You can also find this method mentioned in the credit card statement. An important thing, in this case, is that you need to use the 16 digits of the credit card number as the reference. If you find the online banking method difficult, you can also pay the bill through the company’s app but make sure that you have all the required information for that. And lastly, you have the option of paying the bill in the branch if you are not satisfied with the online payment method.

The credit card holders expect is 2%

In the case of the monthly payment, the monthly bills of credit cards can bring a lot of tensions for the users, especially in this pandemic. If they are not able to pay the bill they will not be able to make further purchases. What about someone who does not have any financial resources yet due to the pandemic? A minimum of the monthly payment that the credit card holders expect is 2% which means that if a person owes 10,000$ on a card, 200$ needs to be taken care of. But if you are generous and can pay the complete bill, then you can be a helping hand. Also, this will be a great help because the person will not have to think about the debt again next month.

Sending just the minimum payment will not make the credit card holder get out of the debt and the interest rates can be in the upper 20s which will prove very expensive. So what you can do in this case is that you can offer a free loan that is interest-free to the person so that he can pay the credit card bill and then can easily return your payment. In this case, the person should be someone you can trust on so, therefore, it is important that the person whom you are offering the loan is trustworthy and you have the trust that he will return your payment.

The payment online for paying his credit card bill

You can also set the repayment terms with them. For example, they will have to return a fixed monthly payment to you until the entire loan has been returned. You can provide the money directly to the person that can use it to apply it to their account. You can also provide the loan in the form of cash or just simply write them a check. Online banking is another option where you can transfer the money to that person and he can then use that money to make the payment online for paying his credit card bill.

Another option that you have to pay the creditor. Because in this way, you are sure that your money has been used to pay the credit card bill. And it is one of the most preferable ways. Making a payment directly to an account is not only easy but at the same time. It is quick as well. You don’t have to go out in this pandemic because going out may prove dangerous and risky.

Simply you can log in to the website if you do not have an app for online banking but if you have that. You can use it directly to make a payment from your account.  People are mostly making online purchases because they prefer to stay at home rather than going out. But online purchasing the items also results in increased credit card debts. So if you are paying the credit card bill of someone it would be a great help.

To pay the bill through phone calling on the customer service

If you are trying to pay the bill through phone calling on the customer service. You can talk to the representative and tell them why you have called. For paying the bill, you must have certain information about the credit cardholder. For example, you should know his full name, a social security number, and a complete account number. The customer service representative will ask you to provide your routing number for saving or checking the account. You may be able to pay the bill via your debit card but remember that. It is even trickier than making a transaction. Rather than using a debit card payment. You can make a simple transaction that will be sent directly to the department concerned with credit card billing.

How fast the payment will be transferred or the time it will take depends on the creditor. The money spent on paying the credit card bill of someone else will be applied immediately. If it was done before 5 pm Eastern standard time. But it may take up to 2 or three days as well. But it varies according to the credit card issuers.

Things you need to be careful of

There are a couple of things about which you need to be careful about before paying. The credit card bill of someone or being generous. First of all, you may be aware of the taxes that you may have to pay in some situations. Secondly, if you are paying the credit card bill of some family member or friend. They may feel embarrassed or even emotional because they are not financially stable. It can put a damper on your gift. Therefore, you need to think about all the possible consequences. And reconsider your decision before making any payment or paying the credit card bill. So that you don’t have to feel uncomfortable afterward.

You need to be careful about the credit fallout.

The person may have applied for other cards even you have paid their bill. Which will again push them into a situation. Where there will be a lot of debt that they will have to pay. Also, you will not be able to help them again to pay their bills. Therefore selecting the person you are trying to help is also very important. Also, make sure that the person deserves whom you are helping out.

Due to this pandemic, many credit card companies are helping their credit cardholders. With assistance in payment and they have made such policies. That can make the payment easier for the credit cardholders. The companies are providing better options to help out their customers in this pandemic. And they can pay the bill easily without any damage and financial instability.

So if you are financially stable, you should assist someone in paying their credit card bill. If they are struggling with it. It will prove a great help for them and things will be a bit easier for them. During this time of the pandemic. Also, we should take care of the persons around us that are in difficulty. So that they can survive in this difficult time. You can choose any of the payment methods mentioned for paying the credit card bill.

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