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Steal Credit Cards Get Caught – Credit cards have a lot of advantages, but they also have multiple disadvantages. These credit cards may be used for illegal activities when stolen. Hence the authorities have to do their best to find these credit cards.

How often do people who steal credit cards get caught?

Credit cards have many sensitive data, and it would suck if a person loses his credit card. Who may use the credit card to make illegal purchases, and it may also land the credit card owner in legal trouble. As a result, people have to take care of their cards. If they do not, they will end up losing it to the wrong person. The person will damage you financially as well as legally. Moreover, these people are involved in the black market, and they can use credit card information for the illegal purchase of weapons and drugs.

The rule is to keep the credit card

Most people might think that it is not valid, but it has happened in the past, and people have faced the consequences. Experts say that credit cardholders should abide by one rule. The rule is to keep the credit card if you are a responsible person or do not keep it at all. It is better to go through the trouble of carrying cash, but do not apply for credit cards. However, humans are not perfect, and sometimes they might lose credit cards. There is no option left but to contact the authorities and find the card.

Moreover, the statement above does not only refer to the credit cards that are stolen. Credit card fraud is also a crime, and people who commit credit card fraud are also caught. What do you is the difference between credit card theft and credit card fraud? Credit card theft is when a person steals the whole credit card and uses it for illegal activities. Credit card fraud is when the card remains with the original tit owner, but the hacker steals the credit card’s data.

Technological advancements in the united states of America

Fortunately, both types of people are caught somehow. It is due to technological advancements. In the current world, technology has increased to such as extent that every person can be found using satellite. Moreover, there are other shortcuts to find such people. The police have made multiple technological advancements in the united states of America. Furthermore, various credit card companies in the united states of America have also seen an improvement.

Police now have every citizen’s data, so any small DNA or some proof may track a person. The latest technologies of communication amongst different police allow them to catch criminals easily. Once a DNA link is found, it is spread through every cell phone of the policemen. The dan link is converted to a photograph so that police officers can identify the person quickly. Furthermore, the technological advancement in credit card companies has also helped the crime-controlling authorities to find stolen credit cards.

EMV chips:

You must have noticed that there is a drastic change in the design of credit cards. The overall design does not matter. What matters is the type of technology sued in credit cards. The current credit cards have a chip attached to them. Do you know what these chips are called? These chips are called EMV chips; there are two types of EMV chips with various technologies. Each chip has its function. Moreover, there is also a difference between security levels and the amount of data sorted on these credit cards.

One of the EMV chips has six pins, and the other EMV chip has eight pins. The six-pin EMV chip is of slightly lower quality, and it has different functions than the gold-colored EMV chip. The six-pin EVM chip has lesser storage. It means that who may store a smaller amount of data on the credit card. The EMV chip with eight pins is Gold in colors, and it is much more advanced than the six-pin EMV chip. The Gold colored EMV has a better society. Furthermore, the eight-pinned EMV chip is much more sucre than the six pin EMV chip and can easily store it. It also has more storage, and it allows for more storage capacity.

The live location of the credit card

Who can use these EMV chips to track the nearby location of the credit card? However, some people confuse the concept of credit card tracking. Allow me to explain, so tha people do not get confused again. First of all, the credit card has a plastic body. Additionally, the chip inside the credit cards is compact. It means that it does not spread through the plastic of the credit card. Most people sy that who may track the live location of the credit card.

However, it is not possible.  It is because these EMV chips do not have any power source to keep them alive. If they are dead, no signal will be able to reach them. They have the same concept of tracking mobile phones using the sim card. If the sim card is inside the cell phone, the cell phone battery continuously provides electricity to the sim card; thus, who can track it easily. The credit card does not have internal electricity. As a result, its live location can not be tracked.

Most people might be confused about the exact method to track credit cards. Allow me to explain in detail.  First of all, the chip had a specific technology, and it had access to the credit card company’s database. When the card is used, who can track its location, but that location will be the latest location for the credit card.

EMV chips can prove helpful

Often when the credit cards are stolen, the thieves make a purchase using them, so the people reach there, and if they find the cup lotus nearby, who will catch the thief. However, these plans and ideas are not feasible because the credit card thief doesn’t need to use the credit card the same day. The credit card companies can place a prompt on the specific credit card and inform the police about that e=lecaiont if used ever again. These EMV chips can prove helpful as they have sensitive data, and the thieves can do anything to retrieve that data.

Moreover, the security features of this credit card are much higher. Do you remember the old magnetic swipe cards? These credit cards had a magnetic strip over them. The strip was inserted with data when the card is manufactured at the factory. These magnetic strip credit cards did not have any security technology; allow me to explain using an example. For instance,

when a person fills up fuel in his car using, agrestic credit card, he will no have to enter a four-digit pin. However, if the person has a chip-embedded credit card, the card will not pay for the fuel unless the four-digit pin is entered. Due to this reason, most people do not worry so much when they lose their credit card because they go back home and easily block it. This security feature is helpful because every shop with a point of sale terminal will ask for a password pin to continue with the transaction.  It makes it impossible for a credit card if to use credit cards easily. Moreover, one can not guess the password because it will take him years to find the correct password.

Face a court session

As a result, we can conclude that the people who steal credit cards are caught, and they are handed over to the police. These people then have to face a court session where they are convicted of a crime and given some years in prison.

The SMS system:

Moreover, with technological advancements, the government of America’s united states can make the cedi card secure and track it. Most other countries have adopted the SMS system. It is highly advised by the financial and cybersecurity experts to adopt the same methods to make credit cards more secure. This method will help the local authorities track the credit cards and the people who stole them.

Most people might be confused about this concept so allow me to explain so that people have a clear idea about the whole picture. It is also called the SMS notification system. When a credit card is used, the person who owns the credit card receives a message on their cell [phone. I will explain using an example so that people may fully understand.

Pay for the bill using the credit cards

Suppose a person goes to a supermarket and buys two packets of milk. When he reached the counter, the person will pay for the bill using the credit cards. As soon as the payment is transferred to the shop’s bank account, the person will receive a message. What do you think will the message display?  The news will have all the details about the transaction. It will consist of relevant data such as how the transaction took place and the amount of money transferred.

If the person gives the credit card to his son, he will track what stuff the person bought using the credit card. The same is the case with credit card thieves. When these credit card thieves steal the credit card, they will try to go and buy some stuff using the credit card. These thieved do not realize that it is difficult to figure out the four-digit pin on the credit card. There is a limit up to where the person can enter the pin code. If a person gives the wrong pin more than three times, the card will not work anymore, and the person who owns the credit card will receive a message.

The credit card owner can use the message to call the police

The credit card owner can use the message to call the police, and hence they will catch the thief. Moreover, the system is much more advanced in the UK. Experts say that people should adopt the UK’s method to ensure the person who steals the credit card gets caught. In the UK, when a person uses a credit card to make a transaction, he will receive a message of authentication. If you reply yes, the transaction will be authorized. If you answer no, the transaction will not be approved. Moreover, an authorization message will come only twice because the card will be blocked if the person says no for the third time.

This methodology should be used in America’s united states, too, as it can make transitions much secure. Moreover, if the person is a thief, he will not receive a message because the credit card is registered with another person. This way, the shop owner may recognize the person as a thief and lock him up. The next step is to call the police and send him to jail. It has happened multiple times in the past. Since then, people have become well aware of credit card frauds.

Spending pattern:

Yes, the spending pattern may also determine if the card is stolen or not. Most might be confused as this is a different concept. It uses a new technology which is called AI. AI is also known as artificial intelligence.  It Is related to robotics. So what do you think Artificial intelligence does? Fake intelligence notes down the spending patterns of the user. Noting down the spending patterns is essential. When a person uses a credit card, the credit card company’s artificial intelligence software notes down the spending patterns.

Allow me to explain using examples so that people may have a better idea of the whole concept. For instance, a person goes from one city to another town twice a week. It means that the person will use the credit card twice a week to fill fuel. For some reason, the card gets stolen, or the person losses the credit card. The credit card company will notify the person who owns the credit card about the lost card. If the person does not have his card, he will not fill in fuel twice a week. Asa result, the credit card company will remove the person to check if he has the card or not.

Message to the bank to transfer a heavy amount of money

Furthermore, if a person is going through bad times, they will have limited credit in their bank account. Additionally, the person will carefully spend the money on necessities. Moreover, he will save as much money as possible. Suppose a thief steals the credit card and uses the card to purchase an expensive product. First of all, the credit card company will not allow the person to use the credit card. Moreover, permission for the credit card will not be given even if they have figured out the password. When the credit card machines send a message to the bank to transfer a heavy amount of money, the bank will first check the statistics.

If the spending does not match the price for 3 or 4 weeks, the credit card company will halt the transaction temporarily. Furthermore, the credit card company will send a text message to the credit card owner to confirm from him if the payment is carried out by the original owner or not. Moreover, if a person carries out significantly less purchase using the ht credit card and the third starts to buy products instantly, the card will be blocked. Suppose the person bought something at 1 pm and 1 30 another product as bought the card will be immediately blocked.

The credit card company will halt the payment

Additionally, the credit card company also tracks the types of stuff a person will buy using the credit card. If a person is rich enough and often buys expensive stuff, the banks will not identify if the property is purchased using the credit card owner or a thief. If a bit of uncertainty is felt, the credit card company will halt the payment and inform the original owner about the transaction. However, if the credit card company knows that a person uses his or her credit card just for everyday use, such as book and food, it will prompt the credit card owner. However, the prompt will be with one condition. And the condition is that if the thief uses it to buy expensive stuff such as iPhones or jewelry. Hence the credit card will be blocked, and they will trace the location.

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