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Tracking Purchase Location – Sometimes credit cards are lost and misused by people. As a result, we have to trace the location of the credit cards. Moreover, they can be used as proof we can provide to the bank account to cancel out any payments we did not make.

Tracking purchase location:

When we purchase anything using a credit card, the location and the information are send to the credit card companies where they store the data. They compile the data in computers known as servers or supercomputers. These servers run all the time and store every data and transaction that an individual makes. As a result, due to technological advancements, it is easy for us to track the location of a credit card.

 At a point of sale terminal, a customer purchases fuel, and the bank receives a notification including the time and location the card was used. When the card reader machine detects the inserted card at the outlet, it checks if the balance is enough to cover the cost. When the balance is checked, the user inserts a 4-digit pin for a successful transfer of money. If there are multiple outlets of the same brand in a city, the bank can identify the location of the card.

Mainly, the merchant number of the credit card tracks purchase locations. Merchant number is also known as MMN, is unique and represents all merchant facilities provided to the business.

However, merchant services do not give access to third-party due to security concerns. Moreover, the customer can also receive notifications on multiple sources if any transaction occurs. If the person uses his credit card to purchase goods worth 200 dollars, he will receive details about that transaction in his email or mobile phone. Such include the date, time, amount deducted, tax, object bought, and purchase location.

he chip only contains the personal information of the user

However, if a credit card is lost, it cannot be tracked. Some say credit cards are tracked using the small chip embedded into them, but it’s not correct. The chip only contains the personal information of the user. The transaction made on the lost credit card enables the bank to track its location. Other than the user and the bank, police can also track credit cards. They can also access your financial records if they have a warrant.

The ATM location where the card was used is also trackable. When a customer transacts money from the ATM, a receipt is handed over, including branch location time and other info. A copy of this receipt is saved in the bank’s database and used for other purposes. Tracking purchase locations can be useful in tracking credit card fraud. If a person receives an email of purchases made by the credit card at three different locations, he should immediately cancel his call. A person can’t transact cash at the same time at multiple locations.

Tracking location of cards for magnetic strip credit cards:

Data of the user is stored on the magnetic strip pasted firmly on the credit card. Data is stored beforehand when the card is manufactured at the factory. This data is then retrieved by card reading machines when the card is used. A special software burns the information on the magnetic strip and infra-red scanners in card reading devices read that data. Data is stored in a barcode format.

Magnetic strips are cheap and reduce production costs. It consists of three magnetic tracks out f which the card reads read the first two tracks. Personal data, account number, and expiry date is burned on the magnetic strip. Burning is a process that includes writing data onto a CD or magnetic surface.

Although magnetic stripe credit cards are cheap, they have some disadvantages. If the surface of the magnetic strip is dirty or scratched, it will be difficult for the card reader to retrieve data from the strip. So make sure the card is clean and protected. Keep the card on a cover to protect it from scratches.

Accessing transaction location by the police:

Police are capable of requesting the credit card company to provide them with information related to a specific person. It allows them to acquire merchant information as well as the location of various transactions.

The exact location is tracked using the AID or the acquired ID. They contact the acquirer requesting the geographical data by providing him with the merchant ID and the terminal ID. Moreover, they can also reach out to the retailer and ask for the exact coordinates.

This might seem easy, but in reality, is very difficult and time taking if it’s done, random citizen. Police laws allow them to access sensitive information easily and quickly.

Benefits of using credit cards:

There are various advantages to using credits. Some are list below:

  • Opening bonus: Applying for credit cards comes with various financial benefits. Usually, new applicants are eligible to receive bonuses up to 150 dollars after spending a certain amount. This amount ranges from 500 dollars to above 5000 dollars. However, this scheme is only available for a few months after receiving the card.
  • Cash Back: Cashback credit cards come in multiple categories, such as bonus and fat percentage categories. Cashback involves returning a certain percentage of money after spending it. Some bonus cards give more cash backs if more amounts are spent. Such credit cards are called tiered bonus cards. They are beneficial in helping customers keep track of their spending and providing them with various cash backs. Some cashback cards, such as fidelity reward cards, provide a high cashback rate of 2 percent. So if a person spends 100 dollars, he will receive a cashback of 2 dollars.

Bonus points:

  • Points earned making purchases are know as bonus points. The rate of earning bonus points determines the banks or the outlets where purchasing was carring out. Rewards acquired are in the form of gift cards, cash, or travel. After gaining these points, they can use them for various purposes such as hotel discounts.
  • Rewarding flight miles or hours: These miles are earns when you purchase an airline ticket using a credit card. The credit card companies determine the flying miles rewarded. Usually, the rate is one mile per hour. Sometimes these bonuses can cover half of your travel cost.
  • Grace period: When purchasing using a debit card, the amount is deducted instantly from the account. If purchasing is carried out using a credit card, the amount adds up to the bill, which is paid at the end of the month. It benefits the customer in multiple ways. The due amount gets a little cheaper if it is delayed. If payment is done from an interest-bearing account, the money earned during the grace period is used to the customers’ advantage.
  • Credit card Insurance: Most credit card packages include various insurances such as rental insurance and travel coverage.

Worldwide recognition:

  • Debit cards restrict the user to make certain purchases such as renting a hotel room or a car. Credit cards come in handy when making such purchases. It makes it easier to charge the customer extra if he or she has damaged the property. Debit cards are usually not accept in some countries.
  • Efficient: Carrying bundles of cash everywhere is very risky as theft is common. In such situations, credit cards are useful. Cash taken to foreign countries is convert and then use, but with credit cards, your bank account is use to transact money in any currency. However, most users are not aware that international credit card users are provided with separate ATMs. Some countries have a very high Minimum level transaction which restricts users from transacting a small amount of money.
  • Safety: credit cards are much safer than debit cards. If a debit card is stole, and an item is purchase the thief, will be immediately deducted. If an unauthorize purchase is carry out using a debit card, it can analyze the credit card company so that the user does not have to pay for it. The issue is report and is resolve the company.
  • Refund benefit: Bold purchases such as buying a house or car should be done using a credit card. If the user purchases a house, using cash and later on faces document issues or poor quality issues, the cash cannot refund in case he wants to return the house. Purchases carried out using a credit card nullify any fraudulent attempts made by the selling party. Moreover, if issues are facing in the future, the banks help in resolving them. 

Security risks of credit cards:

Credit cards have numerous pros, but they have a few cons too. The following are some security risks of using credit cards:

  • Identity theft: Using credit cards for online transactions increases the risk of identity theft. Credit cards contain sensitive information such as social security numbers, date of birth, and account numbers. Hackers use such information to open a fraudulent account or fund criminal activity. This information is sensitive for a reason. The data is use to access all other accounts that are link to that data. These do not include only your bank accounts, but they also include all your social media accounts and your emails. You must have sensitive data on your email or social media accounts, and the hacker can use that data to blackmail you.

Credit card fraud:

  • Credit card fraud occurs when a card is stole or its number is memorize another person. An increase in fraudulent charges is ordinary and can sometimes take up to months to clear those charges. The account balance increases if the thief carries out unauthorized transactions.
  • Credit card theft is dangerous, and you can also get into trouble if the hacker or the thieve carries out illegal purchases using your credit card. Suppose you dropped your credit card or thieves stole your wallet and got hold of it, he can use techniques to retrieve the security PIN and carry out illegal transactions. Some people have reported then when they lost their credit cards, they got a call the next day, and the person talking would say that he was from the bank, but that was not the case. These were scam calls, and they want people to tell their security PIN. They can carry out illegal purchases such as buying from the black market. It will cause trouble for you as you have to convince the authorities that the transaction was not make you. Sometimes when situations get worse, the court gets involve.
  • Unnecessary charges: Sometimes unauthorize charges are add to your bill without you knowing. It happens in cases if there is a billing error such as double billing or a faulty company. If such charges are ignor, it can become difficult to erase such unauthorize charges.

Credit card companies:

The USA is home to mega credit card companies providing their services around the globe. Visa is the top credit card company with 331 million cardholders and is the first credit card produce the Bank of America in 1975. Its purpose was to provide credits to lower-class consumers and merchants. It spread internationally in 1974.

Master card is the second-largest credit card provider in the United States. Around 231 million people use master cards. Master cards benefit people by providing easy bill payment and data protection using EMV chips. They carry out transactions in over 200 plus countries. Master card is the second name of Interbank, and they provide products such as credit cards and payment systems.

Citi comes in the top 3 credit cards of the United States of America. Citi has a market share of 11.6 percent, and it has issued 72554000 cards to customers when it first started production. Currently, there are almost 39700000 active users that make day-to-day transactions using Citi credit cards. Like the other credit cards, it also provides cashback and rewards. You can also link your Citi credit cards to your bank accounts so that it is easier to manage, and paying money is also convenient.

Citi bank was establish in North Dakota.

American Express is also one of the oldest and one of the most successful credit card companies in the United States of America. It is well know the people of America and is saying to have a market share of 11.3 percent. Moreover, it has issued around 45500000 credit cards to the people of America. However, they have not disclosed the number of people that are using American Express credit cards.

Capital one credit cards are also a well-known credit card company amongst the people of the USA. It is based in Virginia and has a market value of 10.5 percent. Economists recommend the use of capital one credit card for its travel rewards. Capital one credit cards provide more travel rewards than any credit card company in the United States. Moreover, they also provide entertainment cash backs such as free entry tickets to events, that happen in your area.

Discovery is also know to in the top 10 credit card companies of the United States. They had the fourth largest increase in their total company value, which was estimate to be 4.3 billion dollars. Their main headquarters is situate in Illinois. The main benefit of using the discovery credit card is that it provides cheaper rates to its customers and is ideal for people with less and average savings. Moreover, they also provide credit cards at much cheaper rates if compared to other credit cards. They also give a considerable amount of cashback which can be up to 10 percent sometimes.


Yes, it is possible to track the location of the credit cards. The latest technology allows the police and credit card companies to track the location of credit cards. Moreover, there are new credit cards with chips embed into them. They can track the location of the credit card. We are not talking about live location. The location we are talking about is the place where the card was use before it was stolen. It takes around seconds to locate that credit card. However, the credit does not need to be at that same place. As a result, it is always good that you take precautionary measures.

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