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Pay Through Credit Card For Purchases – There are several ways for human beings to make purchases to get the essentials people need daily. The most common method today is giving cash in exchange for goods. But modern technology and evolution have made it quicker, easier to make such purchases.

Are PayPal Payments Cheaper Or Credit Card Payments?

PayPal and credit cards are used in almost every business transaction. These two methods of cash withdrawal and cash sending are used by the people too. PayPal is called online payments of goods and is used amongst businessmen and the people. They are used for e-commerce purposes and are considered ideal by owners of small businesses.

In general terms, PayPal is much cheaper than a credit card. First, let us look at the charges that both require when we set up their accounts. Credit cards are much expensive to set up there are multiple reasons for this. One reason is that the bank has to produce credit cards at factories. Many things such as plastic and color are used in the making of credit cards. The credit cards have a chip embedded into them, which makes them even more expensive to purchase.

 In comparison to credit cards, PayPal is free of cost. PayPal is related to the online world, and this means you have to just register online to make yourself eligible to use PayPal. It is free to register yourself for PayPal. You will have to fill a form with all data and make yourself compatible with it. A drawback to this is that it might take up to a month until you start to use your account. Credit cards take mostly a week, after which it is delivered to the owner.

The credit cards have a complicated system of payment

In some ways, credit cards are cheaper, and in other ways they are expensive. So the credit cards have a complicated system of payment. However, you should be aware so that you do not confuse credit cards with debit cards. They are different. When a person uses a credit card for a month, he receives a bill payment letter from the bank. This letter consists of the bill that the user has to pay to the bank after one month. Here comes the tricky part. Banks do not offer their services for free as they have to keep their banks running too. As a result, the user has to pay the actual price and the interest that has developed on those purchases throughout the month. It gives users owning a credit card a disadvantage.

Moreover, if the user delays payments due to the company, he might face other issues too. The company will charge him or her extra fee which the bank calls a late payment fine. This value of this fee is constant and it is charged per day after the due date of payment is passed. Some banks are generous and provide the customer with relief. They allow him to pay a minimum amount of the due payment. The remaining payment will be added to the due payment of next month’s charges. However, the minimum balance charged from the customer is still charged with interest, and so the money keeps on adding up until it becomes a pile for the next month.

PayPal does not charge a penny

In comparison to credit card payments, PayPal does not charge a penny. It is free of cost. When the person has to make a purchase, he will enter the unique number of his PayPal and some other credentials the money will be transferred. PayPal is connected to the bank. PayPal is cheaper because there is no interest in PayPal payments at all. Due to this reason, small business personnel and local e-commerce traders use PayPal as their path of money.

If we transfer money from a PayPal account to a non-PayPal account, it gets expensive as it is not free anymore. Charges apply, which have to be paid by the person who is sending money to the non-PayPal account.

In the United States of America, people mostly use credit cards for daily life transactions. In the United States of America, the people who have American nationality are not charged an extra fee. You must be wondering who pays for that fee on that transaction. The merchant pays the fee and it is usually about one percent, two percent, or three percent to the purchase price. These three percentages are eligible for a flat fee too.

The United States of America enjoy the same benefit as PayPal

 The people of the United States of America enjoy the same benefit as PayPal. PayPal is also free for residents of the USA, but there is one condition set by the authorities of PayPal. The condition is that the transaction should be inside the USA. So this means that you will be charged if you purchase any time from abroad using PayPal. Moreover, the extra charges while purchasing are also made by the merchant.

The merchant pays around 2.9% plus 30 cents over the total price. Allow me to explain this using an example. If a person buys shoes for hundred dollars from an online Nike store, he will pay hundred dollars only, but Nike has to pay 2.9 % plus 30 cents of that payment to PayPal. The same is the case with purchasing using credit cards. So we can see that the charges for the merchant are more in PayPal.

Credit card theft and scams are also related to high payments of products. When a person loses his credit card, the thief can use it for illegal and unauthorized payments. Moreover, if the person is from an abroad country and uses the credit card to buy items, you will also have to pay heavy taxes.

PayPal is much safer than credit cards

Sometimes it is difficult to convince the credit card company that you were not involved in such transactions and that the payment of these taxes is not fair. PayPal is much safer than credit cards, as their company has a much better security system than credit cards, so it is not possible for thieves or scammers to use your PayPal account for purchasing things. From this, we can conclude that credit card becomes very expensive when it comes to taxes.

So we can say that it does not matter if we use credit cards or PayPal as customers are not charged when they pay for products. However, merchants say that customers should use credit cards instead of PayPal because they have to pay less amount to PayPal.

Hidden charges of PayPal that you didn’t know of:

When we use PayPal, there are other charges which the user has to pay if he does not follow the correct procedure. One of these charges is a bank return on the transfer of the PayPal amount. This fee is charged when a person is about to enter the PayPal details. If he or she enters the wrong details, the transaction is stopped, and the person is charged this fee.

Another fee in PayPal is the charges for credit card and debit card confirmation. While using PayPal, you have a limit up to which you can transact money. When some users have to transact a lot of money, PayPal charges them for credit card and debit card link and confirmation fee. When the transaction is completed, PayPal returns this fee as it is taken as a security fee.

Moreover, people who hold a PayPal account are charged when their PayPal account is inactive for a very long time. It is a fine and it will be charged below the amount in your PayPal account.

PayPal also charges customers when they request the records of previous transactions. This amount is charged when you request for records, and PayPal denies your request by providing a genuine reason why they did not allow you to show the records. If they send you the records in one go, then they will not charge any fee.

Hidden charges of credit cards you did not know of:

Credit card payments can hurt you financially because of these hidden charges. The first type of charge is Maintenance charges. When you purchase or apply for a credit card, you might have that temporary happiness of not paying money for it, but later on, after 1-year you have to start paying your maintenance charges. They are deducted from your account annually.

Withdrawing cash directly from the atm can cause you extra charges. The credit card companies have to run too, so they apply an interest percentage on the amount transacted from the ATM. These interest charges are high and can be as much as 2.5 percent of the money withdrawn.

The company of the card may also charge you for exceeding your limit. There are different types or categories of credit cards. These cards have different cash limits, and this limit comes with a price. It does not matter if you exceed the limit by 1 dollar of 1000 dollars, and the exceeding limit fine can cost more than 20 dollars sometimes.

The government also deducts charges from your credit card

You must not be aware that the government also deducts charges from your credit card. It is called the GST tax. The government sets a fixed GST rate. The rate set by the government of the USA is 18 percent of the total card fee.

Such advantages provided by the card comes with deductions that are called surcharges. Amenities such as purchasing gas and railway tickets come with surcharges. The percentage of the transacted amount is converted to dollars and according to the set percentage, the surcharge is deducted.

Whenever you transfer some money from one account to the other, a balance fee will be deduced. The balance fee is around 2 or 5 percent of the total amount transferred. If you transfer money to an account, that is of the same credit card company, the balance fee will be much less than if you had transferred it into an account in another credit card company.

How To Avoid Hidden Fees Associated With Credit Cards?

The first thing you need to do is to read the brochure or fee statements of the credit card before you buy it. Note it down with yourself so that you are aware of the fines and fees and you can protect yourself from paying such fees in the future. If there are a lot of fines and fees associated with the credit card, you want to buy then; you might want to change your choice.

Learn about the tips and tricks as to why these fines and fees are imposed, and then try to avoid them in the future. Before you practice anything related to that credit card, have a thorough look at the fees and fines associated with it.

Advantages of using PayPal:

PayPal acts as a middle man between the buyer and seller. It acts as a platform for the dealings to take place Using PayPal provides an advantage for both the buyer and the seller. You can pay the seller, and the seller will not be able to see your credit cards details such as account number, date of birth, or the total money in the account. It is an advantage, as it keeps all possible details of the buyer private, and as a result, chances of identity theft are reduced.

Additionally, all the users’ details are end-to-end encrypted. The PayPal transactions are closely monitored to prevent fraud. There have been very few fraud claims-making PayPal a trustworthy and safe method for online transactions.

Many websites such as eBay, Yola, and Etsy have PayPal services available. Many employers also pay their employees their salaries through PayPal. It is the most commonly accepted method of payment by many websites. There is some application for online transactions that are not as safe as PayPal and, hence their option is unavailable on many trading sites like eBay.

It is free to send money to family or friends using PayPal as long as one uses his PayPal or checking account. There also PayPal credit and debit cards available that enables one to make transactions via ATMs.

Disadvantages of using PayPal:

Although problems in making transactions using PayPal are rare when they occur it is difficult to find a solution. It is difficult to get the attention of the company regarding one’s issue and an email sends to them is replied with an automated message rather than a genuine reply. Customer service is not the strength of PayPal.

Moreover, linking a PayPal account to a bank account takes a long time and is often immensely frustrating. In addition to that, making transactions from one PayPal account to another requires no fees but making transactions via a non-PayPal account is very expensive. PayPal has strict operating rules and, a slight suspicion leads to termination of one’s account. It takes a long time to investigate and unban the account if it the correct decision.

Advantages of using credit cards:

An advantage of credit card is that it is easy to make purchases and takes little time and effort. Moreover, it is safe and has fewer chances of fraud. Some companies also give some cash back upon using credit cards to make purchases.

Cards like Visa and MasterCard are universal cards and are valid in all countries around the globe. Additionally, credit cards come with abundant consumer protections like rental car insurance and travel insurance.

Disadvantages of using credit cards:

When using credit cards, one has to pay a high amount in interest for using them at the end of each month. It means that one has to pay more than what one spends. There several unnecessary fees when using a credit card. One has to pay those along with the additional interest rates.

Credit card scams have become more common and, scammers are constantly indulged in committing fraud. There is no refund for the money that is lost. Having a poor credit card history also reduces the chances of getting loans to form a credit card financial company.


From all of this information, we conclude that people who use credit cards and PayPal to purchase items inside the country do not have to pay any fee, and both are not charged any amount. However, if we use credit cards and PayPal for purchasing items outside the country, credit cards will be more costly due to their rates and the fees they apply on abroad payments.

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