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Online Apps To Pay For Credit Card Bills – In the modern era, where everyone uses mobile and the internet to pay for their purchases, one should also know how to pay credit card bills through your mobile. With just one click, one can transfer their credit card bills from their bank account to the credit card company. There are different apps through which you can transfer money and pay credit card bills.


Cred is a new application in the market but soon gained popularity due to its offers and convenience. It is one of the best options to pay for your credit card bills. Along with this, they offer several reward options, which makes you attracted to using Cred.

One of the only credit bill payment apps will pay you huge rewards on your transactions, payments, and on-time bill payment. Cred members enjoy exclusive offers which other credit bill payments app do not provide to their users.

Cred also offers other helpful services like an AI-backed up app, tracking your records, securing your credit card details, reminds you of your due dates, offer rewards on payments, advises on how to improve your credit score, card statistics, and usage. Along with this, you get discounts on partnered brands, have access to events, get gift cards and premium upgrades from brands like olive, mantra, etc. You can even earn through by sending the referral links. If someone makes an account while using your link, you get free credit scores to redeem and earn vouchers.

For having cred membership, you need to register with an Indian number. Add your details, and your account will go for verification. To become a Cred member, you need to have a credit score of 750 and above. If you meet the criteria, you will become a Cred member and will be able to enjoy the services it offers. You can pay your bills or even business bills. This app will take your mentioned money from your bank account and transfer it to the credit card company. With the monthly reminders, you don’t forget to pay on time which is a plus for this app.

Apple Pay:

Apple pay is another great app for iPhone users to pay their credit card bills and pay other bills. It is a straightforward and convenient app that lets you do transactions within a few seconds. It is a worldwide known secured app, which will not leak out your bank details. This contactless method of payment is compatible with every Apple device. Moreover, it offers a service known as daily cash. Through this, you receive money at every price in your wallet, which you can tray to your bank account.

The credit card bill payment works like this. You have money in your apple wallet. With just a few clicks, you can transfer the cash in your wallet to the bank account you entered. Simple open your apple wallet, check your balance, select a payment method, and confirm your password or face lock.

Apple also offers a feature of scheduled payments. Schedule a charge on the app whenever you want to pay, and apple pay will automatically transfer the amount at your desired time.

In apple pay, not only apple wallet works, but you can add your bank account also. You can transfer the money to a credit card company through your bank account or your apple wallet. Apple pay will keep a record of your payments and will secure your bank details as well.

Along with this, if your apple device is not working, you can log in through a web portal also. The web portal will allow you to see your balance, records, bills, etc. In case your device is not with you, and you need to transfer money, you can log in through the web portal and still enjoy the feature of that of the app.

Samsung Pay:

Samsung Pay is another new app for payments and transactions through which you can pay your credit card bills. Just like apple pay, Samsung pay is only compatible with only Samsung devices. The app will work if you have an android version of 5.0 or above.

It is also equipped with NFC, EVM technology, and magnetic strip reading software, making it different from other payment apps. With this technology, it becomes more convenient with payments and away more secure app. Along with this, the app is secured with anti-theft protection software, iris scan, fingerprint authentication, and PIN authentication. In the new update, Samsung has added another layer of security which is known as Samsung Knox. Due to this, the other party cannot have your bank readings, and the customers can keep their bank account numbers to themselves.

Like the other apps, Samsung pay also provides rewards and gifts on membership transactions. For the user’s convenience, this app is pre-installed on the mobile; if not, you can easily download it from the play store, and it is super easy to activate it. This app is an affordable and speedy one.

The app is simple to use, and you need to activate your Samsung pay account. Add the bank details, you can add a bank account and transfer the money to a credit card company, or you can transfer the funds through your Samsung pay wallet.

Google pay:

Google pay is a payment gateway launched by Google to help you in your daily transactions. The most significant benefit of the google pay app is that it is free and does not cost you any money or take a transaction fee. Moreover, google pay doesn’t send your basic information to the next party. So you can feel safe while making any payment. The next party is always provided with a virtual account number, so your details are secured.

However, paying credit card bills through Google pay requires a debit card number, BHIM, or a UPI(Unified Payment Interface)  number, etc. You can make payments through UPI or a QR. Enter your UPI details and your credit card details. You will receive an OTP, confirm the amount and proceed with the payment through your Google pay.

But the main drawback of google pay is that if your issuer does not affiliate with google pay, you cannot pay credit card bills through the google play app. It does not work with a web portal, it only works on one device, and you have to install the app through the play store.


Net banking, also known as online banking or e-banking, is the oldest and convenient online payment pathway provided by most banks. The eligibility criteria vary from bank to bank. To avail of internet banking services of the bank you are affiliated with, you need to register yourself for their internet services. The bank always provides you with a login ID and a password. You can log in either by a web portal or through the application of that specific bank.

You enjoy and get the same rewards as that of physically reaching out to a bank. You can make any purchase, transfer funds, and pay your bills online. If you want to spend your credit card bills on time and without going to a bank, you can reach the app and pay quickly. Some of the famous banks of the USA who are also popular for their internet banking services are the following:

Chase Bank:

Chase bank has a chase app available in both the play store and apple store. With the highly secured app, you can carry a bank with you 24/7. You can see your details and transaction history by logging into your portal and the application. If you already have a bank account with the chase, you can trust their e-services because they have updated fingerprint technology and a card lock and unlock facility. You can even cancel your transfer and balance your amount.

You can even schedule your bank transfer at any time, which is called auto payment, and the app will do the rest of the work. If you want to pay by the end of the month, but you quickly forget to pay your credit card bill payment, then set up the recurring auto system, and the app will automatically transfer the amount from your bank account to the credit card company.

HSBC Bank:

HSBC is one of the best banks in the USA. The online app for HSBC is free to use and compatible with almost every device except for some features, which are only available for mobile and not for desktop.

HSBC provides a secured experience and a straightforward app with all of your transaction histories and online credit cards. You can transfer from an HSBC Bank to a non- HSBC bank account. So you can quickly pay credit card bills from your HSBC bank account. One can either use a bank to bank to transfer money or send a wire to any financial institution. I have an account with HSBC bank, and it is a guarantee that who will pay your credit card bills on time.


Citibank is another bank with their line banking system, making the bill payment process easier for their customers. They have their app as well as an online portal. Like other applications, you can transfer the amount from your linked bank account to the credit card company. You can log in to the portal at any time to see your transaction history, transfer funds, and see other records.

Advantages of online bill payment:

Activity Tracker:

When you make payments physically, you receive a receipt. There is a high chance that you might lose your slip. But if you paid your credit card bill payment via an app, then the records are safe with you and can not be deleted or lost. Even if you make payments physically and are still connected with the app, your documents are stored even then. All the records, such as account numbers, dates, and timing of payment, are all recorded, which helps you keep track of your transaction and fund transfers.

Convenient and time-saving method:

Paying online saves you from the hustle of standing in queues for a long time. Paying your credit card bills online is a source of convenience. You don’t have to specifically leave your work with the simple methods and visit the bank to pay your bills. You can pay within your homes or workplace without getting out of your comfort zone. Even if you are in your city or a different country, you can still pay your credit card bill on time.

Secondly, you can save a lot of time because you can pay the bills within a few minutes just by a few clicks. It saves your time and other resources. Standing in line can drain your energy and waste plenty of your time. Most importantly you can pay it on time without any delay. Just because of this simple method, you can deliver within the time limit and don’t have to rush to pay bills before the deadline.

Simple Method:

These payment applications are straightforward to use, and if you are familiar with updating technology, it is not difficult for you to understand the whole system. Even if you are not aware, the apps have instructions for usage, and you can follow them for your understanding. These apps are available all the time, so you can log in at whatever time and still use them.

Scheduled Payments:

Sometimes we are so busy without routines that we forget to pay bills as credit card bills are extremely important, so it is better not to miss the deadlines and save yourself from the last moment of stress and anxiety. These apps have automated recurring systems where you can schedule a payment on your mentioned time and date. If you have enough funds in your account, then automatically transfer the amount from the bank account to your credit card company.

Disadvantages of online payment:


The most significant disadvantage of online payment is hacking. For this reason, bank frauds have been increasing. Although online payments are easy, it comes with the drawback of hacking. With the advancement of software, there comes the risk of hacking also. You won’t even know, and in the blink of an eye, your credentials are with the hackers.

Most people are victims of phishing attacks. It is when hackers send a link via your email. These fraudulent emails might look like they are from the bank asking for the updating of bank credentials. In this way, you enter your bank details through that email, and the next moment your bank balance is zero.

Banking or other payment apps need a password.

As you know, that your banking or other payment apps need a password. This password is only kept to you, so don’t give out your passwords even to a friend. Don’t even write your passwords in notebooks that are visible to people around you. Even if you receive a message or an email from the bank to update your password, the mail or message is fake.

Some hackers send a malicious virus to your phone via a WhatsApp file or through a drive file etc. The hackers then monitor your screen all the time. They might check your browser history and approach your account through it. So remember to clear your browser history after entering your credentials. Install a good anti-virus software or a virus detector. Constantly check if there are signs of hacking in your phone and stay alarmed.

These hackers either take all your hard-earned bank balance, or they might use your cards and bank accounts to purchase illegal weapons or drugs. It might even put you in great trouble. Authorities might come after you, and in the majority of cases, the victims don’t have any evidence to prove their innocence.


Internet availability:

In remote areas, the internet is not available, or the signals are too weak. If you are someone from a village or live in a small space, you might face trouble. The weak signals will affect your payment time and might even delay it without your knowledge. Some apps are not available offline, so if you have to transfer the funds, it is necessary to have internet or mobile data.

Difficult for beginners:

Someone who is a beginner and not familiar with the apps or portals will have trouble understanding it. Most people who are old aged do not understand these methods and eventually end up paying physically for their credit card bill payment.

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