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Pay Credit Card Bills With Cash – Using a credit card is standard these days because it is convenient for transactions and saves time. But paying off its bills is also a huge responsibility. You should know the methods of paying for it. In case you can not pay it online, you can pay it in different ways physically. It is also essential to know the pros and cons of paying a bill using other methods.

Money order:

A money order is similar to a check, but the key difference is that a money order is a prepaid band. It can not bounce due to insufficient funds. The working of a money order is just like a check; either party can cash it or deposit it in the bank. To send someone a money order, you need to buy it first, as it is a prepaid check, so you have first to pay the specific amount you want to send, and then you get the piece of paper called a money order. In the United States, the maximum limit of a money order is $1000.

To buy a money order, you have to give the cash to the issuer or buy it from a debit card. You also need to write the name, the amount, and the address of whom you want to send the payment order. It is also necessary to add your name and other details as well, and your signature is required.  After the completion of this process, you will receive a receipt. It has all of the information you entered and serves as evidence that you have paid the specific amount.

Suppose you are in the United States of America and you need to send your credit card bills via money order. In that case, you can buy them from Walmart, money transfer agents, which include supermarkets and convenience stores, various banks, credit unions, and US postal services. You can buy from them if you are paying your credit card bill through money order within the States of America, but if you want to send it to another country, only the American Postal service can give you a money order.

Pay for your credit card bills is that it is secure

The advantage of using money to pay for your credit card bills is that it is secure, and you don’t have to add your bank account details. Only the recipient can view the details and cash the money order.

Unlike checks, you don’t fear bounced money orders as you have to pay cash before buying a money order. Also, sending some money to pay credit card bills via money order does not require a bank account, so you can quickly pay even if you don’t have a bank account.

Local banks in the United States of America are ready to receive credit card bill payments through money orders and do not create trouble by processing them.

However, if there is an unfortunate incident and your money order gets lost or it is somehow fraudulent, then you are the one who is held responsible for it. Before sending a money order, remember few points to reduce the possibility of any mishap. Firstly, verify the funds and check if the document provided by the issuer is legitimate or not; secondly, after sending your money order to remember to track it. Check the code or number mentioned in the money order document and follow it by using a website. Thirdly, do not buy money orders through untrusted sources; also, try to send your orders via trusted mail sources. It is even better to send a money order via electronic sources.

Western union:

Western Union is a financial institution that lets people transfer funds from bank to bank. It offers many services, but most importantly, it is one of the methods where you can pay your Credit card bills through cash. Western union is the cheapest way to send someone money as it charges less. Western Union has its branches almost everywhere. When you want to pay credit card bills, go to a nearby department.

Fill out the forms and hand over the cash. You have to pay this amount to the agent you are assigned to. There is a ‘pay in cash’ option available, and you can send your money via western union. Remember to check beforehand whether the bank or issuer you are sending money to has western union options or not. Fill in the recipient name correctly, and who will send your money to the specific group within a few days.

Every money transferring agency comes with certain risks, mainly fraudulent so remember a few points before and after sending money via western union. Firstly, know who you are sending money to. While you enter the details on the form, check the accuracy, and when you send the money, remember to track it via the website or the western union app.

Prepaid Card:

A prepaid card is also known as ‘ pay as you go card,’ is one of the cheapest means to send your credit card bills if you have available cash. It is not like a debit card or a credit card. For a prepaid card, you have to pay money before taking this card. It is a kind of preloaded money, and you don’t borrow it from the bank. Before buying the card, you have to give cash. To pay your credit card bills through a prepaid card, you have to hand over the specific amount of money, for example, $1000, and get this card.

A prepaid card has two types: a prepaid debit card and a networking brand gift card. You can use a prepaid debit card to

pay bills electronically but not a gift card. Gift cards are only for shopping because it does not require a considerable amount of money. The bill payment depends on the funds available on your card. If you want to pay credit card bills, then pay a specific amount, so you don’t have to face the troubles of insufficient funds.

American Express, VISA, and master card.

Prepaid cards are partnered with famous brands like discover, American Express, VISA, and master card. Most banks receive credit card payments through prepaid debit cards if they are partnered with such brands. The working of a prepaid debit card is the same as a debit or credit card; the sole difference is that you have to pay cash before having this card. It depends on the processor whether to accept your payment or not. If the processor receives the card, you can proceed to the next step, making a payment. You can make it by using a website, online portal, or app. If you don’t want to make an online payment, you can fill the form, enter details, make a pape bill and send it via postal service but keep in mind that additional charges will be applied if you choose mail service.

After purchasing a prepaid card, you also have access to an online account, from where you can send money, track your usage, follow your history and check balances in your account.

If you don’t have a bank account to pay for credit card bills or don’t want to use postal services to send money, paying through a prepaid debit card is the best option.


A cheque is also a piece of a document through which the banks withdraw a certain amount of money. The person so who gives a cheque is the drawer, whereas the one who is being issued a check is the payee. The amount of money written on a cheque is withdrawn from the drawer’s bank account, and the money is either given to the payee in the form of cash or just transferred to his account.

To pay credit card bills via a check, you first need a bank account and deposit some funds into it. Secondly, you need to have your checkbook. The drawer has to write a check and deposit it in the bank, cheque payment machine, or a dropbox. These machines are available at nearby banks and ATMs. Remember, while entering the details, double-check the details and write the correct name, account number, amount, and date.

The credit card number match.

A cheque is a straightforward method to send bills, and it is convenient, especially for those who don’t have access to online banking or other services. Another good thing about checks is that you can schedule them according to your timing. As you have to mention a date on the review, so you can say a date later for future payments beforehand. While processing checks made for credit card bills, the bankers cross-check it to ensure that both the drawer account number and the credit card number match. This step eliminates the possibility of fraud and any mishaps.

But remember, cheque processing takes a lot of time. So keep in mind to deposit your check before your due dates so that it can be processed by the due date and your credit card bill payment is not considered late. Before sending a check, remember to deposit the specific cash in your bank account so that the statement doesn’t bounce due to insufficient funds.

Pay counters in banks:

Pay in counters is the easiest way to pay credit card bills. You need to visit a local bank of the issuer of your credit card. There is separate pay in counters in several banks. Just go there and ask for a deposit slip form. Fill that form accurately and be ready with the cash you have to deposit. Submit both the amount and the deposit slip on the counter. The banks do not take any charges for deposit slips and usually take one or more days to process the deposit slip. Physically going to bank branches might drain your energy and time, but it is the simplest and safest method to pay credit card bills via cash. As the deposit slips go to processing and the processing span for deposit slips is very short, the risk of any mishaps is shallow.

Pay credit card bills through an ATM:

For this, you need to make a debt card and deposit the specific cash. Go to a nearby ATM and insert your debit card in the machine. There are various options on the screen; click the credit card payment option and transfer the specific amount to the issuer bank.  The processing of ATM payment is short and is usually an instant process.

Advantages of paying through cash:

In the new era of technology, where major institutes and banks have an eye on your whole data, paying through cash comes in hands in times of this. Paying through cash protects your identity. One of the most significant advantages of paying through money is that you do not have to enter your details anywhere.  So in this way, you are saved from identity theft. Also, for paying credit card bills online, you need to have a bank account, but in cash, it is not necessary to have a bank account. You can deposit the money in the bank, and your dues are paid, as well as you are saved from the hassles of bank accounts.

In the case of paying through cash, you are not short of funds. For example, you might be short of money when you are paying through the online system, and then you can’t pay. But in the case of cash, it is available all the time when you want to pay the bills. Just be sure to save money for credit card bills separately so that you don’t suffer from any mishap while paying for credit card bills.

Disadvantages of paying through cash:

It is often termed that ‘Cash is a king,’ but now financial advisors recommend people not pay bills, especially credit card bills via mail or such services. Mailing creates an unmanageable situation, and the bankers sometimes make mistakes. What if they get confused and do not fill up your credit card payments, or what if they show negligence and forget to update your statistics which might create many issues in the future.

There is a possibility that your mail is not received by the bank and is lost during the postal service. Even you can lose your envelope by yourself. For example, you bought a money order and thought to send it by next week. Meanwhile, in this time of one week, you can keep it anywhere and lose it.

With cash, there is a very high chance of theft as well, but in contrast, paying credit card bills via cards or online services is just a matter of seconds, and no one can steal your money. Even if they steal or hack your cards or online system, you can immediately report it. But in cash, it is not safe, and you can not even say this issue to the bank and expect to get some extension for credit card bill payment. In such cases, late payments put you in the trouble of extra Interest and impact your credit score and credit limit.

Most importantly, you cannot track your money

There is a possibility that the bank might not accept your cash mails because of the suspicion of fraud. What if they get it but do not add it in your records and report you of credit card fraud. Because once you hand over cash without having a written agreement. There is a chance that the next party plays dirty tricks with you to gain more money. In some cases, you might not add the recipient details clearly. And the post-service does not send it to the correct place.

Most importantly, you cannot track your money if you pay credit card bills via cash. Even if you keep a receipt as evidence, the chances are that you might lose it. In comparison, if you pay through an online system, you have a whole record and history with you. Moreover, if you intend to pay through cash, you might forget it and spend your money on other things. In the end, you might not have enough money to pay and end up in a stressful situation.

Moreover, paying through cash requires a lot of time and workforce. As the processing part of this is a little bit longer. Also, it wastes your time and resources. Because you have to travel to the bank or have to buy a money order that requires time and energy.

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