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Accept Credit Card Payments – It is something which the answer is not confirmed. This means there is not much solid proof that can give us clarity about this question. But if we research then there are n numbers of answers we can find. The authenticity is not validated. Like there are hundreds of companies and websites were present at that time and competition was also on, like today’s companies and their websites. But according to the research and records that are available, Book Stacks Unlimited was the first website that was made after the internet was introduced to the public. And it is also considered as the first website that made the first online transaction by the credit card.

Credit card processing is an important step for any e-commerce business. It transfers your clients or customer’s money to your account. And this process takes less than a minute. This means the quickest way to buy or sell things. The easy and quick e-payments have a complex operating structure. But for the users, they don’t need to go into detail or depth but this should be known by everyone. Bringing the business from physical form to online was not an easy journey. There were many issues with bringing e-commerce to this point. And in all this, credit card has great importance.

What credit card is? How does it work? What is E-commerce? And what was the first website to accept the credit card payment? If you are the one that have these all question in mind, then by the end of this you will have the clear answer of all these questions.

All started with WWW:

Before the 1990, internet was not introduced to the public. The processing was starting on the internet from 1969s like many of the systems were pre-established before the actual launch of the Internet. But as a properly established network, it was introduced to the public in the 1990s. There were some of the companies that were linked and working on the net, like they have some access to it but they did not have their proper website and e-commerce network on the internet. So it was all started in the late 1990s. Companies somehow have access but obviously, they need the public to purchase or buy their products. And there was also no concept of E-commerce. In 1991 internet was publicly introduced. People get access to it. Credit card was already known and used by the people. But no one knows that this can also be used on the internet.

We all know the internet has made this whole world a global village. The E-payments begin with the invention of the internet. World Wide Web or WWW is the site or platform where the companies or stores from all over the world connect and also with their customers. But that is what the internet has done to us. Now with one click we can know about other countries. Internet made many things possible like paying through your credit card to the company you want to purchase something, without going out. Internet made great changes to our lives.

Credit Card:

A credit card is a small plastic card that contains unique numbers. This number shows your identification because your profile is linked with that number. The use of credit cards started in the U.S. in the 1920s.  The first Universal card was first introduced by the Diners Club in 1958. This is a card you can use for any money transaction purposes. Later banks also understand its importance, so every bank started issuing their credit cards. This was the company that made his first transaction but that was not by e-commerce. It was something physical type of payments and transactions that it offered. At that time, there was no concept of the e-payments. Everyone needs to go to the banks if they need to transact their payments.

A credit card was one of the great inventions but only some people make out its necessity. Therefore, businessmen and companies have made their credit cards. But when it comes to E-commerce, and the online business started almost half of the population came on the e-payments platform. They started making their credit cards. Gradually the demand for credit cards increases in the U.S. and also in all over the world. So this is how it is going from a few people to many.

First Website that accept Credit Card Payments:

As mentioned above, it was all started with Book Stacks Unlimited. Book Stacks Unlimited was the business of Charles M. Stack. Late 1991 was the time when Stack started his business. It was almost three years before the start of Amazon. First M. Stack was running it on phones or by other means like orders or letters or by some physical means. Before this, different sites have done their transactions with Dial-up BBS services and with Video Text Services. But it was limited and not consider as the online Order. But M. Stack made a proper website for online shopping. Like, before the person goes to the stores to purchase books. But when the WWW originated, M. Stack brought his business from physical business to online business. He made his store on World Wide Web.

From the 1970s to 1990s, Visa and MasterCard also started to accept the concept of non-face to face transactions and payments. So the bank linked their credit card to the websites. M. Stack’s business was the one that accept the first credit card payment in early 1994. But it took a very long time to bring transactions payments to the e-payments. M. Stack was also the inspiration to many of the E-commerce business that was started after all of his efforts.

Technical Issues and Challenges:

In the beginning, his team faced trouble that how we can do online transactions. It was tough to make their customer’s wealth and private secret. As there were a lot of hackers, that were ready to hack the accounts. People were also not ready for e-payments because they were aware of the frauds that could be happening on the online payments. So taking this into account, M. Stack started working on the privacy to make his website a fraud free website. Anyone can rise his business only then when he makes his customer’s privacy and satisfaction his first and top-most priority.

Encryption was then the first demand. As e-commerce was just introduced, the system was unencrypted. Encryption is the software engineers or the IT person’s covert your message or pin into the special type of code. This code was just understood by the companies. So it was then a priority to establish the strongest encrypted websites and programs. This is the only way by which they can win the trust of their customer. So after the great struggle and effort, M. Stack was succeeded in developing the encrypted website. This made the way for other people to run their online businesses.


E-commerce is an online business, it is the buying and selling of goods to your customers and companies over the internet. Book Stack Unlimited was the first e-businessthat joined the World Wide Web. Amazon not the US’s but the world’s biggest online business is a great example of E-commerce. In this modern and the era of technology, E-commerce is one of the biggest changes that technology has brought to us. Like today almost all types of businesses are working on E-commerce. No one can deny the significance of e-commerce.

E-commerce is done on the internet. When any customer accesses to any online store and place orders for their products. As they placed an order the server gets the message and after receiving it the server asked for your credit card details. After entering your code, the amount or costs of the product simply get deducted from your bank accounts. After the transaction inquiry gets completed the bank server will notify you. To check the validity, it gives you detail related to the product. It asks either you agree on it or not that you have purchased this thing from that store and this is the cost of your purchased products. And once you agree to the order validity, your order gets booked and your transaction and payment get competed.

Credit Card role in e-payments:

Credit cards can be considered as the key factor in e-payments. For online shopping, you must have a credit card or debit card to pay your charges and payments. If we talk about the current scenario i.e. pandemic, the whole system was shut down. Everything was closed no bank, no shop no store was open. In this period what the thing was running were e-businesses. So it took the great attention of many of the people towards the e-businesses. Likewise, the e-business raises the e-payments would also rise. And as the bank was closed there was no other option by which you can do your transactions. So credit cards held great importance here. You just scan your card and the payment was done.

On the other hand, it is providing people a great convenience. They can shop or sell things by sitting at home. People who have busy schedules can get benefits from this because it consumes a very short time. Also, there are different benefits you can get when you pay your bills through credit cards. The credit card’s benefits and convenience made it the key factor in e-payments. Brands and stores also gave discounts to their customers on it.

M. Stack brought surprising change:

M. Stack was the one that brought a huge change in today’s world. Like he brought an idea and after that many of the companies are now working on the idea that Charles M. Stack has given. After that Pizza Hut also started its online food services and started accepting online payments. Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon may perhaps get the vision of an online store from the Charles M. Stack’s business Book Stacks Unlimited. So, he made the pathway for many of the upcoming businessmen and businesswomen. He gave his vision to the world

No doubt he was the one who started this. He even holds several merchants. But he did not run long in a race and other stores took his position. Like, Amazon was founded at that time, and by the passage of time, it became the greatest online store in the world. And now Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men in the world just by the online store that he started by looking at the vision of the Stack’s Books Stacks Unlimited. But now many others are giving him competition. Today not thousands but millions of websites are working on the idea of the Charles online e-payment.  

Reasons why they use:

Where there is a problem there is a solution too. When Charles understands the situation that it is time to move on a high level. He took e-commerce to the next level. It would not be wrong to say that Charles’s vision and his effort is like a game-changer. No one before brought this concept before. But with time, it became so common. People also understand its significance. When your business provides your customers great convenience, then there would be almost zero chances that your business gets flopped.

As Credit card payments have got global recognition. That is why, credit card is now part of each and every business all around the globe. Many transactions are converted on e-payments by the credit card. The companies understood that it becomes the people’s demand. Because it is way easier to pay by credit cards than by other means.

Brands and Stores realization:

As the time passes, different brands and stores realize that e-business is the future. Gradually, they all also bring their businesses from physical stores to online stores. People can easily shop now from any online store of their favorite brand. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Home Depot and Target, etc. are some of the U.S websites and stores that are not working just in the U.S. but also selling their products internationally.

These stores accept credit card payments because their orders are delivered internationally so they couldn’t set their payment method on COD. Only bank transactions or credit card payments they accept. In today’s time, all the brands accept the importance of credit card payment and the online business. Many of the businesses are just running on the internet. They do not have their physical branches or stores. What they do is take customize orders and then make them. Some of them are doing this just by staying at home. Without much investment, you can work on the internet.

All websites:

Today now almost all of the websites that are affiliated with WWW are earning online through credit card payments. There is no website left behind, that is not earning through e-commerce or e-payments. People from all over the world are running their businesses online. They also have their stores but they also take online orders.

Over the past few years, E-commerce sites growth increases, and the use of credit cards or credit card accounts has increased. The most common method to accept credit card payments depends on the seller accounts and the accounts of payment gateways. The new online businesses don’t know the struggle behind this because it gets convenient for them to bring their stores to online stores.

In the interaction, the card users authorize the credit card in real-time and then the payment is made through the card information. The process is carried out online through the website. The leading providers of the payment gateway accounts are Flint, PayPal, Due, Cyber source, VeriSign, and If the websites are not having any access to the merchant account, the possible solution is to consider the alternative payment gateways in the single convenient packages. The credit cards of the websites cannot be processed cheaply and it must consider as a startup. Sometimes, the providers charge the startup fees and in the case of e-commerce websites, the start-up fees are often waived.

Social networks:

Social networks and online games are also going famous now. All social media platforms have billions of their users. This is still growing with the passage of the day. These networks are connected themselves with the online gaming apps. These allow us to make purchases in-games.

Furthermore, these mobile technologies are growing so rapidly that users don’t even need the PCs or laptops to purchase anything. You can all do this on your mobile phones. Similarly, e-payment is a great example of advanced technologies. E-payments rate is increasing so fast that in the future there are some or maybe more possibilities that the whole transactions of payments would be converted to e-payments. So, by the end, credit card payments will be increase day by day and it will have great scope in every field.  So credit card transactions will be the priority by everyone.

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