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Imagine a world that has no credit cards. Can you think of it? The globe is becoming so used to the idea of paying using the credit cards that not for a single time they can think that these can become non-functional. What will happen if one day somebody says that the credit cards will possess no more value. The people who use them often will certainly be displeased. After all they use it regularly for their buying and these have become an essential component of a person’s fiscal life. This card is like a magic which salvages people every time they are short on finance. It is reported by the Boston Federal Reserve reports that approximately 80% of the mature Americans have one credit card at least;  meaning that 1 in 5 of the American citizens live with a credit card-less life. Approximately a few people live starved of plastic by select, even though others go deprived of cards in line for a latest economic failure, reedy credit history or any other dispute that makes it threatening for them to get permitted for a card. Meanwhile, whether you’re living without cards by choice or necessity, here are some tips on how to survive without a credit card.

However, this is an interesting piece on ‘What would the world be like without credit cards?’

It Would Be Increasingly Difficult To Cope With Emergencies

If a person’s car breaks down in the middle of the night and he has to stay at any hotel; juts as a matter of fact if he doesn’t own sufficient money, he will be trapped in a difficult chaos. However, having a credit card in his wallet the individual does not need to carry large sums of cash. The world short of credit cards will take away more or less of the financial security.

Online Card Impostors Will Come To An End

Credit card deception is a most important subject confronted by the credit cardholders in the meantime moderately for a few times. Hackers are at all times observing to barge in the information on a person’s credit cards. For that reason, it is in general recommended not to express the PIN number of the credit card to any person. In case the sphere is without the presence of credit cards, the so-called commercial of the hackers as well as impostors will take a most important hit, which is a very good news for the world.

The Sphere Will Be Free Of Spending Now Dealing With This Later Habit

Many times the credit card user is not able to restrict himself of buying the expensive commodities. Steadily as well as slowly the custom of ‘Let’s expend these days and we shall pact with it later’ twitches emerging. As a consequence of this, a person is enforced to recompense an enormous amount of interest to reimburse all the acknowledgement. This custom will go down the drain as soon as the credit cards vanish. Commanding farewell to the credit cards will make certain that a person has more control over his/her finances.

There Will Be A Few Offers From The E-Commerce Sites

People keep on receiving exciting suggestions from Amazon or Snapdeal when using the credit card. On the other hand, if the sphere is without the credit cards then a person must also be ready of letting go of its attractive offers. The e-commerce sites will give the more offer for the credit card owners for the reason that they know very well that customers will purchase this even if they have no cash. The credit card holders offer the option to purchase the things of the choice and pay this later during the gracing period with no interest. This will not materialize in a globe with no credit cards, it is a fact that it hurts nonetheless it is not true.

Banks Will Charge The High Degree Of Interest On The Finances To Make Up For Damages

This will be a big shocker for the person owing the credit card. To cover the loss arising die to the DE functioning of the credit cards, the bank will at all times charge a greater attentiveness ratio for the loans on which a person wishes to be applied for. The banks have to implement the bold steps so as to counterpoise the obsoleting of credit cards. This implies that a person has to pay a developed rate of interest on the mortgage sum a person tales from the bank.

The Individuals Will Not Spend Extra And In Its Place Save Money

Credit cards bait a person for buying a little even when the person does not have any money. They just raise your spirits for spending the cash which the person does not own. But the realm shorn of credit cards will be all round less expenditure and additional saving. Procurement over and done with debit card only means that spending on what a person has. In the meantime, a person will not have an enormous interest heaping up, a person will end up saving a lot.

The credit cards will blur the perspective of the amount of cash a person has. Making financial arrangements is a prodigious method to make unquestionable credit cards that they do not tempt a person on spending more than he/she has. However, when one has to live with no credit cards, on the other hand, having a financial plan as well as sticking to it is more than a stratagem it is a need.

For a few of the people, rescheduling enjoyment is not a big issue. In a lot of the cases, this is a good point. On the other hand, if the income of a person is not sufficient enough for him/her to be capable of stocking enough cash to save for all his/her financial objectives, it may possibly be a lot more time-consuming than the person thinks.

Troubles In Procuring A Loan

People are aware that there are chances of a person making safe a home loan be determined by the usage of the credit card. Banks formerly giving a person a mortgage will check the individuals CIBIL score that is an evidence of the credit history. The CIBIL Score is founded on numerous factors such as that how many of the credit cards a person owns as well as how rapidly a person can clear his/her credit card notices. A good score will stand testament to the circumstance that a person will be capable to reimburse the loan sum within the assumed tenancy. It also proves your monetary discipline.

The Need For Procuring Personal Loans Will Reach New Levels

What if credit cards turn out to be obsolete? This will lead to a huge issue if a person starts using his/her credit cards for fulfillment of the personal needs. People will begin forming a queue at the fore front of the banks so as to get loans for availing the personal needs. The need for the personal lends will upsurge which can put an effect on the rates of interest which are charged by the banks. So now that a person has assumed what the world will be like short of credit cards, it is hoped that a person will make use of the credit cards sensibly. Even if the credit cards are obsolete, you must not worry. All a person needs to do is to take good upkeep of his/her financial organization. Usage of the credit card intelligently but don’t let the credit card use you. A person can swear off on the credit cards as well as survive. The iniquitousness of the credit cards creates it problematic to understand a life deprived of one, but then again it is conceivable.

No More Rewards

One of the most captivating appeal of the credit cards is that a person can make points, miles and cash back centered on a person’s expenditure. Efficiently, a person is getting reduction on the whole thing he/she charge. But a person does not need the credit card for getting rewards. In these days, there are all kinds of firms from the hotels to the airlines and the designer houses which offer the loyalty forms to their common shoppers. Such rewards will no longer be available once the credit cards go off market.

It Is Tough To Qualify For Loan


It might be quite easy to forgo a car debt, nonetheless saving enough money for buying a home is much more troublesome. If a person is trying to gain secured loan deprived of credit score, he/she might have to go through the procedure of manual underwriting. For the reason that manual underwriting needs more documentation as compared to the contemporary mortgage, it is a longer process when making a choice on the closing date of the contract.

How To Live Without A Credit Card?

Commit With A Budget

Add to the monthly earnings, take away from the regular supplies i.e. such as covering costs, values, transportation, foodstuffs and investments in addition to controlling what’s left. Choose how you wish to expend that extra sum and don’t expend any more.  

Remove The Plastic Off Your Wallet

Cut up the cards you own and make a resolve of never to use them again. If a person needs a suitable way to sort procurements devoid of using money, rely on customary or the prepaid debit cards.  

Pay Off The Remainder Balances

This will assist in eliminating all of the interest that a person is paying on the loan, which will add more amount in the monthly financial plan. In addition to this when a person closes those financial records as they are salaried off, it will be informal to circumvent the enticement to       charge more. 

Save For The Expected Requirements

Whether it’s personal day payments or a summer stock vacation, guesstimate the expenses in addition to setting separately currency in a savings version in advance of time.  

Be Creative

Not sure if a person shall be capable of securing a room in the hotel or making any other reservation short of a credit card? Numerous will agree to take debit cards from people who are cardholders of the MasterCard, Visa logo or payment completed concluded with a site like PayPal. They might even take cash! 

Manage Cards Which You Posses

It is a fact that possessing and making use of a credit card aids in establishing and maintaining a good rating of the credit. With this in mind, think through possessing one card which you think of as a debit card. Use it completely to buy equipment you be familiar with that you can pay off at end of each month. A good score on the credit possibly will make it at ease to get hold of credit in addition to qualifying for a subordinate interest rate.